Corporate Social Responsibility

We deliver on our responsibilities as a corporate citizen across three dimensions: DEI, Sustainability, and Community Impact.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We believe diversity and inclusive practices lead to strength across all facets of our organisation; enhance decision-making, creativity, and business outcomes; and result in a more engaged and positive work environment.

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Our sustainability objectives are carried out through monitoring our environmental impact as a corporate citizen, our commitment to responsible investing, and our community impact work.


Our mission is to empower those in underserved communities with educational opportunities, practical tools, and financial resources for future success.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

A values-driven program based on:


Structured accountability across executive team, senior management, DEI leadership, and through external pledges and industry initiatives

Data & Transparency

Driving toward leadership diversity goals through continuous measurement

Focused Initiatives

Engaging employees and leaders through high-impact programs across our workforce, business, and community strategies


Acadian’s advocacy in this area will continue to support and complement our leading position in the field of responsible investing. We will monitor and evaluate our performance by improving firmwide sustainability initiatives along these dimensions:

  • Helping our clients navigate the transition to a more sustainable and low-carbon economy by integrating climate-related risks and opportunities into our core investment process and by offering custom solutions

  • Monitoring and assessing ways to lower our environmental footprint, including firmwide travel practices and carbon offset program

  • Reducing waste and consumption through a continuous push to digital-first and office/facilities enhancements

  • Environmental training / educational program for employees

  • A commitment to DE&I grounded in ambition, action, and accountability

  • Supplier/vendor sustainable practices are reviewed and encouraged (click here for our Modern Slavery Statement)

  • Environmental protection volunteering opportunities

  • Engagement focused on supporting organisations whose mission is to improve economic equity and address opportunity gaps within our communities

Community Impact

Maintain and deepen strategic community partnerships; evaluate new opportunities for collaboration 

Coordinate volunteer and community outreach opportunities for employees; support and extend employee charitable giving



Pipeline and network development; advocacy and strategic consultation; Women’s Forum programming