Investment Solutions Acadian

Equity Alternatives

Acadian's equity alternative capabilities aim to provide diversification in a broader portfolio of investments. Our goal is to offer hedge fund strategies that are uncorrelated with markets, conventional risk factors, and broad asset classes.

Acadian’s quantitative, research-driven investment process is well-suited to applying alternative data, signals, and investment techniques.  We believe a dedicated portfolio management team building on the firm’s resources and aligned to our systematic investment philosophy is critical to unlocking innovative investment strategies that generate value for investors.

These strategies pursue absolute returns, while aiming to neutralize unrewarded systematic risks. Risk management is equally important to our approach. Each strategy is designed to focus on maximizing investment opportunities while eliminating, to the extent that is possible, conventional risks, from market beta to transient macro risks. This allows us to maximize portfolio exposure to the alpha factors that we believe are likely to deliver uncorrelated returns over a market cycle.