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Acadian’s systematic investment strategies bring together talented investors, data-driven innovation, and analytical clarity to deliver results for our clients.

Investment Strategies


We manage both equity strategies intended to deliver active returns and alternative strategies designed to deliver absolute, uncorrelated returns.  Our sustainable investing capabilities are integrated throughout all strategies and provide a platform for both client-specific solutions and innovative engagement.
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Applies the insights from 35+ of systematic investing experience combined with the power of data to deliver results for our clients.

About our Equity Strategies

Markets are inefficient, but they aren't easy to beat. I believe our three decades of experience, our team of more than a hundred thoughtful investors, and our research-first culture focused on continuous improvement are the keys to our edge.

Ryan Taliaferro Senior Vice President, Director of Investment Strategies
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Data-Based Decisions

Our continuous research-based improvements start with economic intuition and follows a data-dependent and empirically rigorous path.  Clients can point to solid evidence and precise attribution to understand our decisions and performance.

Erol Ahmed

Responsible Investing

Integration, construction, and engagement

ESG is a lens we can apply across any of our strategies, with the foundational belief that responsible investing is a core component of traditional investing, as well-governed, sustainable businesses have the potential to generate strong results over time