Who We Are

Our History


Late 1980s to mid-1990s

Among the first firms to recognize the benefits of international diversification, we begin managing non-U.S. equity for institutional clients. We expand our systematic approach over time to include Non-U.S. Small-Cap, All Country World ex-U.S., and Global mandates, as well as one of the earliest quantitative Emerging Markets strategies.


Mid-1990s to early 2000s

We further develop our long-only capabilities with the introduction of regional strategies including European Equity, Japanese Equity, and U.S. Equity.


Early 2000s to 2010

Remaining anchored to our investment philosophy and systematic approach, we add Long/Short and Market-Neutral strategies, as well as dedicated Frontier Markets. We are early to the Managed Volatility movement, developing a full suite of risk-managed regional implementations in response to client needs. We also develop some of the earliest quantitative approaches to ESG and sustainable investing and are the first quant manager to sign the PRI in 2009.



We build on our capabilities with the launch of systematic macro, China A, micro-cap, equity alternatives, and a number of sustainable strategies. We continue to innovate in partnership with our clients to offer customized investment solutions uniquely suited to the expanding and ever-changing landscape of the industry.

Our Edge S Curve Building

Our Edge

Acadian Asset Management is a global, systematic investment manager. Founded in 1986, Acadian is headquartered in Boston, with affiliates located in London, Singapore, and Sydney. Acadian’s edge is at the convergence of intellectual rigor, rich data, and powerful tools to deliver results with analytical clarity. 

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Our Strategies

Building on the idea that markets are systematically mispriced, we were among the first firms in the world to apply data and technology to the systematic evaluation of global investments. With over 30 years of data-driven insights, we manage equity strategies intended to deliver active returns and alternative strategies designed to deliver absolute, uncorrelated results.  

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Responsible Investing

Our sustainable investing capabilities are integrated throughout all strategies and provide a platform for both client-specific solutions and a cutting-edge approach to engagement. A rigorous research agenda, sophisticated forecasting and portfolio construction tools, and a culture of collaboration underpin continuous innovation.