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Community Engagement

Acadian supports innovative, high-impact organizations that empower those in underserved communities with educational opportunities and financial resources that have traditionally been out of reach.

We currently have partnerships with several Boston-area organizations and a number of non-profits doing important work in other parts of the globe where we have affiliate offices. We are proud to serve as a corporate partner to these groups by making multi-year investments in their missions and providing our employees with opportunities to engage in their program initiatives with more hands-on involvement.


Our Boston-area groups were selected based on a unifying theme of education. These organizations serve Boston’s youth, female-led households, and families in need of higher-education support:

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Financial Literacy

Women’s Money Matters seeks to reduce the disproportionate number of women and women-headed families who live on the economic margins. This organization provides group-based instruction in money management and one-on-one financial coaching, laying the groundwork for future economic successes. Women’s Money Matters partners with local social service agencies, with a mentorship model that allows clients to build life-changing financial and interpersonal skills.

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Higher Education Support

Inversant 's mission is to make higher education attainable for everyone in the U.S. Over the last decade, they've empowered thousands of low-to-moderate income families across Massachusetts by ensuring they have the resources and understanding they need to achieve their goals for their children’s higher education. Inversant’s programs are built around helping participants and their families navigate the complex world of college applications, financial aid, and higher education saving, in addition to providing other family and student readiness tools.

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STEM Enrichment

Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center offers an immersive program on the island for experiential learning, social and emotional growth, and science curriculum enrichment. Their Connections program aims to close the achievement gap that exists between students from better-resourced communities and students within the Boston Public Schools by providing much-needed out-of-classroom learning opportunities.

It’s an honor to serve as a mentor through the Lighted Pathways Program. These students are driven and curious, already thinking about how to reach and exceed their career goals. I’m proud to support a program which increases the number of young African Americans in the industry.

Ellen Hanlon Business Development & Client Service Associate, Acadian Asset Management
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Acadian in the Community

Acadian offers a range of opportunities for employees to get involved and give back to the community – from volunteer service days and donation drives to awareness campaigns and sponsorships. Click to see some recent highlights.

My parents came to this country as Vietnamese refugees and were fortunate to have the support of private sponsors and other community members. This is one of the foremost reasons I feel a commitment to help give people who don't come from privilege every opportunity to succeed. l'm grateful to be working for a firm that is committed to charitable causes and gives us the flexibility to give back to our community.

Dan Le
Dan Le Portfolio Manager, Acadian Asset Management