Australian Equity Long Short Fund

The Acadian Australian Equity Long Short Fund (the Fund) uses quantitative modelling and fundamental insights to invest in undervalued stocks and short-sell overvalued stocks, generally maintaining a gross long exposure of 130% and a gross short exposure of 30%.

The investment approach is both multi-faceted and highly adaptable, which allows Acadian to take advantage of attractive stocks opportunities as they arise. Acadian casts a wide net to discover mispriced stocks, analysing more than 1,000 stocks daily to find the most attractive investment opportunities for inclusion in the portfolio.




Invest in a fund that uses systematic expertise to invest in undervalued stocks and short sell overvalued stocks, to unearth undervalued stocks and deliver compelling long-term returns.

Investment objective:

To maximise risk-adjusted, long-term returns by investing in undervalued stocks and short selling overvalued stocks listed on the Australian Securities Exchange while carefully controlling portfolio risk and transaction costs. The Fund aims to outperform the S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index over rolling four-year periods before fees and taxes.


Inception date




Investment horizon

27 February 2006

Australian equity - Long/Short, Active

Half yearly (June and December)

100-150 (Long)

70-80 (Short)

At least 7 years

Active stock limit

Cash holding

Management cost

Minimum investment

APIR code

+/-1.3% (hard limit)








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Target Market Determination

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