Value Revisited

Protracted poor performance of certain value formulations has provoked intense but muddled discussion about the viability of value investing. We apply a systematic lens to clarify the fundamental and behavioral drivers of value’s performance and to offer coherent perspective on the outlook. We consider nuance that is often glossed over in prevalent narratives, including the multifaceted and evolving nature of value concepts and investing approaches. 

Value Revisited Series

The underperformance of value has become one of the most prevalent narratives in investing, but conventional accounts are oversimplified. Read our three-part series on value below!

Reach out to us to listen to the full webinar on the viability of value investing! Using a systematic lens, we will:

•    Clarify the fundamental and behavioral drivers of        value’s performance
•    Offer a coherent perspective on the outlook for          value
•    Highlight the multifaceted and evolving nature           of value concepts and investing approaches

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