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Impact of AI/ML on Quant

Are alternative data and machine learning the future of investment management? Will they fundamentally transform the quantitative investment process, providing revolutionary insights that allow managers to tackle previously unanswerable questions?

Our research addresses these questions, separating the signal from the noise. We describe our vision of the frontiers of quantitative investing over the next few years, share where we believe new tools and methods will have the greatest impact on the systematic investment process, and consider risks and challenges in their application that are relevant to asset owners.

Whats next for machine learning?

Director of Equity Strategies Ryan Taliaferro and Director of Global Equity Research Vladimir Zdorovtsov discuss what’s next for Acadian in the realm of machine learning.

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Client Advisory ML Revolution

Machine Learning in Quant Investing: Revolution or Evolution?

For quantitative investors, machine learning represents an important expansion of the analytical toolkit, providing substantial new flexibility. It has application throughout the investment process. But does ML represent an evolution or a revolution?