Collaborative Above All Else


James Li

Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Research - Dynamic Strategies


I was drawn to Acadian because the firm as a whole, the position itself, and the people that I met led me to choose Acadian over other opportunities I had at the time.

The investment team is collaborative above all else, and all are encouraged to contribute. If you have an idea, you can simply schedule some time to talk with an expert in that area to discuss if it might be worth moving forward.

At other firms I’ve been a part of, people are leery of collaborating in this way because they are wary of idea theft – what I like most about Acadian is that everyone will share ideas and offer feedback, and you don’t have to worry about this kind of thing.

I think during my time here, I’ve gradually conquered what were my main challenges in this role: becoming fluent in the systems and the tools – Acadian is a highly technical organization and there was a learning curve here; figuring out how best to communicate my ideas to my team and my superiors; and determining the best and most compelling way to present my results to a wider audience. I’ve been lucky to have not only a mentor on my team, but also a strong and valued relationship with senior investment leadership.