Creating Opportunities


Adam Beers

Assistant Vice President, Senior Analyst, Hedge Fund and Alternative Asset Operations


I am a 2010 grad and first went to State Street. I enjoyed being in the financial field, but decided I wanted to be on the investment side. There was a lot to learn in my new job.

Over the past two years I have taken on a lot more responsibility. We are working all the time in an effort to better our processes and systems. As we take on more clients in different geographies, we find that everyone needs something different. It keeps us busy. I work with almost every group at Acadian. It’s a continuous, informal learning environment. If you have a question you can go to anyone.

There is definitely the sense that we are all working toward a common goal.

In terms of career growth, I have seen a lot of group-to-group movement – you can take advantage of these opportunities. Essential skills are to be driven, and have good teamwork, communication and initiative.

There are lots of paths and your way might not always be clear, but you can make opportunity happen. I see the openness go all the way up to management. You don’t see that happen in larger organizations.