Our philanthropic mission is to partner with innovative high-impact organizations in our local communities to give people the skills, educational opportunities, and financial resources to change their lives for the better.

We currently have charitable giving partnerships with three Boston-area organizations and several non-profits doing important work in other parts of the globe where we have affiliate offices. We are proud to serve as a corporate partner to these groups by making multi-year, high-impact investments in their missions and giving our employees the opportunity to engage with them.
Our Boston-area groups were selected based on a unifying theme of education.  These organizations serve Boston’s youth, female-led households, and families in need of higher-education support.
Dan Le 
Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center offers an immersive program on the island for experiential learning, social and emotional growth, and science curriculum enrichment.  Their Connections program aims to close the achievement gap that exists between students from better-resourced communities and students within the Boston Public Schools by providing much-needed out-of-classroom learning opportunities. 
"Acadian’s investment will fund a full four-year Connections program for 100 Boston middle school students. For a nonprofit like ours, this is exactly the kind of holistic commitment that really makes an impact, and we are excited to share this model of partnership more broadly."

- Arthur Pearson, President & CEO

Budget Buddies seeks to reduce the disproportionate number of women and women-headed families who live on the economic margins. This organization provides group-based instruction in money management and one-on-one financial coaching, laying the groundwork for future economic successes. Budget Buddies partners with local social service agencies, with a mentorship model that allows clients to build life-changing financial and interpersonal skills.

“With Acadian’s help, we’ve launched a regional program hub in Boston that has already seen two graduating classes and recruited nearly 150 volunteers for future programs. We have also been able to support programs in new communities such as Haverhill and Sudbury and create an innovative curriculum for at-risk teen girls. Acadian’s three-year commitment will help us pilot three programs for teens in 2019 and increase overall program participation by 30%. We are honored by Acadian’s belief in our mission to help low-income women and girls control their financial futures."

- Anita Saville, Executive Director 

Inversant engages with low-to-moderate income families to ensure they have the resources and understanding they need to achieve their goals for their children’s higher education. The group helps its participant families navigate the complex world of college applications, financial aid, and higher education saving.
"With the support from Acadian Asset Management, Inversant has been able to expand our Learning Circles to several middle schools across Massachusetts to help educate families on the importance of saving and preparing early for their student’s college dreams. Acadian understands the impact that bringing the entire family into the conversation of higher education can have not just on the student, but the entire community as well."

Bob Hildreth, Founder and Board Chair

Acadian also supports a wide range of charitable organizations in the Boston area and around the world, donating to dozens of groups annually that are sourced from employee suggestions. We also promote local volunteerism and organize hands-on opportunities throughout the year for employees to participate in volunteer activities on company time.