Acadian employees in conference room

Long/Short Equity

Acadian's long/short team aims to provide diversification in a broader portfolio of investments. Our goal is to offer strategies that are uncorrelated with equity benchmarks and other traditional asset classes and indices.

We manage a number of strategies ranging from beta zero (market neutral) to beta one (equity benchmark-oriented extension strategies). In addition to several well-defined strategies, we work closely with our clients to deliver bespoke long/short solutions meeting their specific needs.


Acadian believes that markets are inefficient, and that such inefficiencies are caused in part by systematic mistakes in investor behavior, as well as structural features of markets. To that end, Acadian applies fundamental insights in an objective and regimented manner in an effort to find attractive investment opportunities and attempt to exploit this mispricing. We believe that securities and markets have many attributes that are related to potential out-performance, and that a successful investment approach must be multi-faceted and adaptable.

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