Composite Performance Disclosures

Acadian Asset Management Composite Performance Disclosure Pages on Selected Strategies

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  Asset Class 

Acadian ACWI ex-US Equity   International Equity 
Acadian Emerging Markets Equity Emerging Markets Equity 
Acadian European Equity  European Equity 
Acadian Global Equity  Global Equity 
Acadian Japanese Equity  International Equity 
Acadian Non-U.S. All-Cap Equity  International Equity 
Acadian Non-U.S. Focused Alpha Equity International Equity 
Acadian Non-U.S. Equity International Equity 
Acadian Non-U.S. Small-Cap Equity  International Equity 
Acadian U.S. Value Equity  U.S. Equity 
ACWI ex-US 130/30 Equity  International Equity 

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