We're building on Acadian’s expertise in systematic investing and risk assessment to provide clients with sources of absolute, uncorrelated return across a wider set of asset classes.

“We’ve been able to develop our approach from the ground up, which leaves us unconstrained by existing product lines or legacy decisions, to approach multi-asset forecasting holistically and capture how assets and factors interact across the whole strategy. Approaching MACS systematically enables us to model hundreds of signals, and to make cross-asset comparisons in an objective and consistent way.”  

-Ilya Figelman, Senior Vice President and Director, Multi-Asset Strategies

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The Case for MACS

Faced with potential headwinds for traditional equity/ bond portfolios, asset owners have been on the hunt for alternative, uncorrelated sources of return, which could potentially generate much-needed returns, while diversifying away from equity risk. Multi-Asset Class Strategies (“MACS”) offer a possible solution, attracting investors with the potential for shallower drawdowns that do not necessarily coincide with equity bear markets.

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