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China A-Shares

We have over three decades of experience applying our systematic investment process in nascent markets. As early entrants in Emerging and Frontier markets, we have been investing in Chinese stocks for over two decades and are now applying our considerable experience to a dedicated China A-shares strategy.

An elevated level of market inefficiency combined with comprehensive data and intensifying market-reform efforts create a compelling investment opportunity. We encourage you to engage us on all matters related to the onshore Chinese equity market and how this burgeoning class of equities, linked to the second largest economy in the world, might fit within your investment program.


Strategy Overview

There are a number of paths to accessing China A-shares. Generally, the vast majority of the investable universe remained inaccessible until the launch of the Hong Kong Stock Connect programs. Although widely popular, these entree points provide only partial access. Chinese regulators have granted us the authority to trade A-Shares locally, granting us full market access to the complete security universe.

A Quant Approach

We have calibrated our risk and return forecasting frameworks to suit the unique dynamics of this market. We see this as the next frontier in our history of applying systematic investment strategies in emergent capital markets.

Strategy Profile

China Bull

Quick Takes

Brief observations on the China A-shares market.

Acadian in the News

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Recent Insights

For decades, China has been slowly opening its economy and capital markets to the rest of the world. The 1990s brought the opening of trade and establishment of capital markets, specifically the establishment of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges. At the time, these new exchanges served an economy that reflected 3% of global GDP (versus approximately 15% today in nominal or current price terms).

Since then, China has experienced tremendous economic growth and is now the world’s second-largest economy by nominal GDP. Today, China is the leading contributor to global growth, outpacing the U.S. and contrasting sharply with its prior modest contribution. Below are our latest perspectives on how this evolution has continued and the opportunities that have emerged.

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