Won Over by the Environment


Tzivya Silverman

Senior Vice President, Director IT Governance

I started as a consultant and worked as a business systems analyst for one year, then went full time. I became a project leader, then a manager, and now am in charge of IT governance, which is a new role here at Acadian.

When I started, I was committed to being a consultant, and swore I would not go full time anywhere ever again.

I was won over by the collaborative and collegial environment here. There was a sense that if I wanted to try something, I could.

Developers and managers really rely on my group. It is a good feeling. It is easy to interact with people here. From the day I started until now, I have found an open door policy. Acadian does not just say that, they really mean it.

Firmwide, I feel like we are one group. And even though Acadian is a small company, its projects are equal in scope and sophistication to larger firms. I also feel there is a conscientious effort at Acadian to provide good work/family balance. I am not sure if we always succeed, but we really try.