Temp to Perm at Acadian


Maleena Lee

Performance & Attribution Analyst


I started at Acadian as a temp fresh out of college and had a very positive experience. When the opportunity arose to join full-time, it was not a difficult decision for me to make.

I have a more math and economics-centric background, less focused on finance, per se. While I had the foundation to understand the key concepts, I needed to develop more fluency in the field specific to the asset management industry. The way I’ve been able to gain this is through two key avenues – learning from others and self-study.

My biggest surprise in joining Acadian? The culture is not cut-throat or as singularly competitive as I would have guessed coming from a similar field.

Sure, there is a healthy sense of accountability and a laser focus on results, but not at the expense of the general dynamics of the culture, which has remained open and friendly.

I received my best piece of career advice to date from a colleague at Acadian: “treat yourself like a business and work for yourself first.” If you’re positive, approachable, and ready to work (yes, that sometimes includes long hours), you will do well here.