Growth Supported by Management


Julia Khan

Vice President, Relationship Manager


Coming from private equity I had not considered working for a quant firm, but friends who knew Acadian’s reputation encouraged me to consider the opportunity.

I really connected with the people I met during the interview process, and I found Acadian’s investment philosophy intriguing. I started in the client reporting group as an administrator and moved up through various roles on the team over five years.

My manager was supportive of my career progression, and met with me regularly to discuss my goals. He made an effort to assign me to projects that aligned with my interests and helped develop the skills I needed to succeed at Acadian.

During my time in client reporting I worked closely with teams across the firm, and through my work with those teams I became interested in finding a role with more direct client interaction. When a position opened on the client service associate team, my manager was incredibly supportive and recommended me for the new role.

As an associate on the client service team I had the opportunity to work as a partner with our clients to help meet their needs. Over time, I was given several client relationships to manage on my own and eventually I was promoted from Associate to Relationship Manager on the Client Service team. Working with the investment team and other groups across Acadian to create customized solutions for our clients is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job.