From Internship to Full Time Offer


Heidi Chen

Vice President, Portfolio Manager

My internships at Acadian were helpful. I really liked the work and the people.

We had weekly meetings with the investment team. I got a good sense of the overall structure and goals of each group. You can’t get that from interviewing. I also got a very good sense of the skills that I needed to be building. I was more motivated to learn once I saw how my classes were relevant to my work.

I was surprised at the kind of projects that interns could take on. My classmates did not seem to be exposed to the same level of responsibilities and challenges that I was offered at Acadian.

Every intern at Acadian gets to work on a significant project. At the end, you get to present your work to the entire investment team. It was challenging and exciting.

Acadian’s culture helped me decide to come here as a Research Analyst. It is very rigorous and disciplined from a work perspective. People take you seriously and offer constructive criticism to help you do better. In a big firm, you might not talk as much to your mentor. There is direct and frequent communication here. As someone new to the industry, it is a great place to develop a foundation.