Intrigued by Acadian's Philosophy


Caroline Shi

Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Research


Right out of business school, I took a job as a credit analyst, but I always had an interest in equities. A former classmate who worked at Acadian alerted me to a research position here.

I was really intrigued by Acadian’s philosophy -- we apply fundamental insight and behavioral theory through a model. I found the breadth of the investment universe fascinating. There was so much to learn! At every step, there was an opportunity to work on something new. I received training to learn new technical skills – SQL, Python. But the focus is on ideas. Our goal is to add value for clients.

People are very thoughtful and constructive. If we can add more value or manage risk, either way, we seek to make the process better.

People come from diverse backgrounds – think differently – but there is always an honest discussion about how we can do better.

I enjoy interacting with my colleagues – they always provide something I had not thought of myself. At Acadian, the research and PM roles are quite fluid. Some are more client facing, others are more internal and project driven. I am able to adapt my role to my interests and my lifestyle.