Our History

Late 1980s to mid-1990s

Among the first firms to recognize the benefits of international diversification, we begin managing non-U.S. equity for institutional clients. We expand our systematic approach over time to include Non-U.S. Small-Cap, All Country World ex-U.S., and Global mandates, as well as one of the earliest quantitative Emerging Markets strategies.

Mid-1990s to early 2000s

We further develop our long-only capabilities with the introduction of regional strategies including European Equity, Japanese Equity, and U.S. Equity.
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Early 2000s to 2010

Remaining anchored to our investment philosophy and systematic approach, we add Long/Short and Market-Neutral strategies, as well as dedicated Frontier Markets. We are early to the Managed Volatility movement, developing a full suite of risk-managed regional implementations in response to client needs. We also develop some of the earliest quantitative approaches to ESG and sustainable investing and are the first quant manager to sign the PRI in 2009.
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We build on our capabilities with the growth of niche approaches including Multi-Asset Class, China A-shares, Micro-Cap, multi-strategy, and a more expansive lineup of absolute return offerings. Redoubling the focus on client solutions and product strategy, we continue to innovate in partnership with our clients to offer customized, outcome-oriented strategies uniquely suited to the expanding and ever-changing landscape of the industry.

Since its founding in 1986, Acadian has steadily evolved from its roots as Non-U.S. All-Cap equity manager, applying our active, systematic approach in new and exciting ways to nascent markets around the world. 1992 saw the launch of our Global strategy, expanding in the subsequent years to include regional approaches. In 2002, we began to apply our stock selection process to attempt to find the poorest-performing companies as well as the strongest, opening the doors for Acadian's initial entry into long/short strategies.

In 2006, based on research showing that a portfolio of low-risk stocks has the potential to offer market-like returns at lower risk than the overall equity market, we launched our pioneering Managed Volatility strategies across a range of implementations. Dedicated Frontier Markets and ESG capabilities were not far behind. More recently, we developed a Multi-Asset Class capability in 2017, further expanding the products and instruments we can apply to our clients' needs.  Our commitment to research, the flexibility of our process, and the collaborative nature of our relationships underlie the potential for Acadian’s offerings to continue to grow and evolve in an effort to meet the investment outcomes required by our clients.

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