In 1977 Gary Bergstrom founded Acadian Financial Research, the firm's predecessor. Starting in 1978, Acadian designed, developed and implemented the world's first international index-matching strategy and later an active country selection strategy for the State Street Bank and Trust Company.  In 1987, Acadian Financial Research ended its relationship with State Street and its successor company, Acadian Asset Management, began to manage institutional assets directly.

Acadian evolved from a non-U.S. all-cap equity manager to a truly global manager with the launch of our global strategy in 1992. In 2002, we began to apply our stock selection process to attempt to find the poorest performing companies as well as the strongest, opening the doors for Acadian's initial entry into long short strategies. More recently, in 2006, based on research showing that a portfolio of low-risk stocks has the potential to offer market like returns at lower risk than the overall equity market, we launched our pioneering managed volatility strategies. In 2017, our multi-asset class strategies launched, further expanding the products we can apply to our clients' needs.  Our commitment to research, the flexibility of our process, and the collaborative nature of our client relationships suggests that Acadian's suite of strategies will have the potential to continue to grow and evolve in an effort to meet the needs of our clients.

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