We believe that a diverse team leads to innovation, more robust dialog around important business issues, and a stronger company culture.

Acadian works hard to ensure that managers across the organization are mentoring and preparing promising candidates for future leadership roles, with great emphasis placed on cultivating a diverse and talented team of professionals from many different backgrounds who can both contribute to and participate in the economic success of the firm. We actively seek people who will engage and contribute ideas from different points of view, supporting this goal in the following ways: 

Our Diversity and Inclusion Forum, with direct participation by our co-CEO, that includes representatives from across the firm focused on diversifying Acadian’s talent pipeline and implementing organizational programs and practices to promote a culture of inclusion and appreciation of differences. The DIF also supports affinity groups including a Women’s Forum and a group devoted to multiculturalism.  

Ongoing relationships with a number of local organizations to attract, develop and retain a diverse workforce, as well as expand our community relationships. Acadian’s HR recruitment staff regularly post open roles to organizations specializing in underrepresented groups, and our recruiters also frequently attend women- and minority-focused networking events with the goal of promoting Acadian and our open roles to a diverse array of candidates. 


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Our Women’s Forum, to raise awareness of gender issues in the workplace and to offer career development and networking opportunities to help promote women’s leadership and advancement.  Programming includes sponsorship of conferences including the Massachusetts Conference for Women and the Simmons College Women’s leadership conference (USA & Europe). 

Annual monitoring of remuneration and wage equality to manage and correct any potential disparities. Acadian is committed to an equal pay philosophy and has long followed this practice. More recently, we have joined over 200 other Boston-area firms in signing onto the Boston Women’s Workforce Council’s 100% Talent Compact, a community-wide initiative focused on closing Boston's gender wage gap. By supplying anonymous data from our own company, we are helping the city build a comprehensive picture of Boston's hiring and pay practices. This information will be used to develop programs aimed at closing the city-wide pay gap between men and women by better understanding the driving forces behind these disparities and identifying strategies to respond to them. 

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Ongoing programming to deepen management’s awareness of diversity issues.  The Diversity and Inclusion Forum works closely with Acadian’s training team to deliver training related to diversity issues. This has included sessions on recognizing micro-inequities, appreciating generational differences, and understanding coworkers in a cognitively diverse environment (using the DISC personality assessment tool). 

We are an equal opportunity employer dedicated to promoting an organizational culture that emphasizes mutual respect, acceptance, tolerance, and cooperation among all employees, regardless of age, gender, race, national or ethnic origin, physical abilities, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation. We believe that understanding and valuing diversity not only helps our employees to develop and grow as individuals, but also supports our pursuit of serving an increasingly diverse global client base and of making Acadian a stronger company and a more rewarding place to work for all.