Ross Dowd


A diverse workplace promotes the key objectives that are critical to a strong corporate culture.


“Many firms support women’s advancement on paper, but not all actually do anything about it.  Acadian’s Women’s Forum is focused on raising awareness and providing a wide range of educational and networking opportunities to women at the firm.  Acadian is a place where it is easy to have candid conversations about the issues facing women in the workplace.”

- Valerie Feeley, Office Manager, Member of Women's Forum

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“As a quantitative firm, we like evidence. And we are convinced by the research that shows that cognitively diverse teams make better decisions.” – John Chisholm, co-CEO

We are an equal opportunity employer. Our culture emphasizes mutual respect, acceptance, tolerance, and cooperation among all employees, regardless of age, gender, race, national or ethnic origin, physical abilities, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation. We believe that understanding and valuing diversity not only helps our employees to develop as individuals, but also greatly enhances our ability to serve a diverse global client base.  In short, we believe diversity makes Acadian a stronger company and a more rewarding place to work for all.