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Acadian Asset Management is a mission-driven institution, with an ambitious and motivational focus - to be our clients’ most valued resource for investment insight and success.


  • We act with integrity, honesty, and clarity to forge a candid and productive partnership with clients.
  • We seek to deliver exceptional investment results and the highest quality client service.
  • We believe that innovation in client-serving investment approaches is essential in a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive world.
  • People are our greatest asset, and we seek to provide an environment of trust, respect, support and accountability.
  • We seek to create a diverse and collegian team where differences are valued in a culture of openness and cooperation.
  • We value candor in all client and employee interactions, seeking to create an environment where views are respectfully, clearly and honestly discussed, and where we actively engage on issues, even if difficult.
  • We strive for business growth in order to reward our employees, attract the best talent and provide our team with the tools and resources to succeed.


We value diversity immensely and believe our business is made stronger by drawing on a wide range of perspectives and backgrounds. We actively seek people who will engage from different points of view.

Acadian is dedicated to fostering an organizational culture that promotes mutual respect, acceptance, tolerance, and cooperation among all employees, regardless of age, gender, race, national or ethnic origin, physical abilities, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation. We believe that understanding and valuing diversity not only helps our employees to develop and grow as individuals, but also supports Acadian's mission to serve an increasingly diverse global client base

  • Acadian demonstrates commitment to diversity in the following ways:
  • An active Diversity Committee with representatives from across the firm, focused on raising awareness and creating meaningful diversity programs.
  • Networking and partnering with various organizations to attract, develop and retain a diverse workforce.
  • Regular training programs to help intensify the Acadian team’s engagement with diversity issues.

Acadian is an equal opportunity employer dedicated to promoting an environment of respect, acceptance, tolerance and cooperation. We value and support difference in age, gender, race, national and ethnic origin, physical abilities, religious beliefs and sexual orientation. We believe supporting diversity not only helps our employees develop as individuals, but makes Acadian a stronger company and a more rewarding place to work for all.


Acadian is dedicated to actively supporting charitable organizations in our local community and around the world. The organizations that are the focus of our giving are almost entirely sourced from employee suggestions. Each year we typically donate to over 60 global charities of importance to our employees. We also actively promote local volunteerism, and regularly organize volunteer opportunities that employees may engage in on company time.

Health and wellness is another important aspect of our culture. Employees receive a generous annual stipend for health club membership. We also run an active program of wellness education and activities. As part of this, Acadian has partnered with the bike sharing system Hubway in Boston to provide annual memberships to all Acadian employees. With more than a thousand bikes and a hundred stations across the Boston community, Hubway provides an environmentally friendly form of transportation.

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