At Acadian we take great pride in the company culture we have fostered throughout our 30-year history. We strive for excellence, transparency, and trust — not only in our interactions with clients, but also in our daily collaboration as colleagues. This culture is reflected in our values, our appreciation of diversity, and our connection to our larger community.

Organizational Values

We are guided by a set of values that anchor our approach to our work. We act with integrity, honesty, and clarity to forge a candid and productive partnership with clients. We seek to deliver exceptional investment results and the highest-quality client service. We believe that innovation in client-serving investment approaches is essential in a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive world. People are our greatest asset, and we seek to provide an environment of trust, respect, support, and accountability. We seek to create a collegial team where diversity is valued in a culture of openness and cooperation. We value candor in all client and employee interactions, seeking to create an environment where views are respectfully, clearly and honestly discussed, and where we actively engage on issues, even if difficult. We strive for business growth in order to reward our employees, attract the best talent, and provide our team with the tools and resources to succeed.

Diversity & Inclusion

We are committed to an increasingly diverse workplace. We believe that a diverse team leads to innovation, more robust dialog around important business issues, and a stronger company culture. Acadian works hard to ensure that managers across the organization are mentoring and preparing promising candidates for future leadership roles, with great emphasis placed on cultivating a diverse and talented team of professionals from many different backgrounds who can both contribute to and participate in the economic success of the firm. 


Community Engagement

We are passionate about our role as corporate citizens in the greater community. Our philanthropic mission is to partner with innovative high-impact organizations in our local communities to give people the skills, educational opportunities, and financial resources to change their lives for the better.

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