Malcolm P. Baker, Ph.D.

Director, Research

  • Overview
    • 14 years of investment experience
    • Research consultant since 2006
    • Member of the Acadian Senior Investment Leadership Team
    • Robert G. Kirby Professor of Finance, Harvard Business School
    • Ph.D. from Harvard University
    • M.Phil. from Cambridge University, B.A. from Brown University
  • Extended Biography

    Malcolm has been a research consultant with the firm since 2006 and plays a key role in formulating Acadian’s investment research agenda. He is the Robert G. Kirby Professor of Finance at Harvard Business School, and he is the author of articles published in the Journal of Finance, the Journal of Financial Economics, Quarterly Journal of Economics and other well known academic journals. He has been awarded numerous prizes for his research, including the Brattle Prize for best corporate finance paper in the Journal of Finance; he is a program director at the National Bureau of Economic Research; and he has served as an editor of the Journal of Finance and the Review of Financial Studies. Malcolm holds a Ph.D. from Harvard University; a M.Phil. from Cambridge University; and a B.A. from Brown University.